Dhahran Teen Canteen - 'Thanks for your Efforts'

With the help of our community, we have successfully named all individuals in this photo of the Dhahran Teen Canteen Committee that appeared in the May 1971 Arabian Sun. Marion Slettengren was the last person to be named.

Seated: Mrs. Gail McAlister, Mrs. Ruth Pulliam

Front Row: Mrs. Johansen, Gigi Guenther, Stephanie Knott, Barb Beckley, Sandy Taylor, Lohna Johansen, Casey Carleton, Linda Richardson, Robyn Haggard, Jim Templer, Bill Wallace, Mrs. Lucy Templer, Mrs. Barbara Johnston, Mrs. Lucille Milne.

Back Row: Bob Garner, Sven Slettengren, Marion Slettengren, Tony Webb, Kathi Hines, Bill Yaeger, Jim Milne.

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