Ruby Princess

Diminished interest in two cruises being promoted through the Aramco ExPats Travel Club has forced formal plans to be canceled. This decision affects both the October 2015 cruise from Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera and the April 2016 cruise to the Caribbean. Anyone who has already booking passage on the Ruby Princess in October can still sail as expected at the reduced rates originally offered. Not enough people, however, have signed up on either cruise to warrant the extra expense of a formal program organized by the Aramco ExPats Travel Club. You’ll still be able to enjoy everything the cruise lines offer to their regular passengers. John and Jeanne Sugg from Vacation Memory Makers, who put together the Mexican Riviera package, want everyone who signed up to know that, as part of the Princess promotion under which they were booked, they will have $50 per person On Board Credit for spending on the ship and a free dinner for two at a speciality restaurant onboard ship. Also, each person will receive a Princess Travel Mug, chocolate-covered strawberries in their cabin and a bottle of wine…all compliments of John and Jeanne, Cruise Planners. Bob Banta and Judy Butler, who put together the Carribean Cruise package, regret having to make this decision but remain optimistic that there will be gatherings of Aramcons in Florida in the future. Anyone with suggestions on that possibility, feel free to contact either Bob via email at or Judy via email at judithbb– The Travel Club will continue to look for new and exciting opportunities to bring annuitants together.