The Call of Annihilation by Yasir Ahmed Shaikh
The author, Yasir Ahmed Shaikh.
The Call of Annihilation by Yasir Ahmed Shaikh
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Yasir Ahmed Shaikh, son of Manzoor Ahmed Shaikh Saudi Aramco Badge #72818 and former Saudi Aramco employee of Medical Services, has authored a novel, titled The Call of Annihilation.

Yasir shares his journey of writing as follows.

"I got the idea to write this book from watching movies and TV shows related to this genre which is mystery/thriller. My fascination lies in stories revolving around the end-of-the-world, especially those driven by biological threats.

"However, I noticed that such plots lacked detailed explanations regarding the contagion’s origins. Therefore, this propelled me to create my own virus with as accurate medical and scientific backing as I could gather, and delve deep into its origins.

"I started my writing journey in early 2018, and after a painstaking yet truly enjoyable period of more than five years, it was finally completed in October 2023 after multiple reviews and proofreading."

About the Book

In the midst of a night of partying, James Arthur Havens receives a phone call that jolts him with uneasiness. Rushing home, he is confronted with a scene beyond his wildest nightmares. Shortly thereafter, a mysterious figure contacts him and discloses the identity of the perpetrator responsible for the horrifying act, who turns out to be an ex-boss of a pharmaceutical giant.

James races to catch up, braving formidable security barriers as he closes in on his target. But what he discovers is far darker and more malicious than he ever anticipated, and he's hurled into a desperate race against time to find a diary containing details of a devastating virus in a bid to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Throughout his perilous journey, James faces life-threatening trials that push his resolve to the limits, all in an attempt to deter him from uncovering the truth. With each step closer to his objective, the lines between reality and illusion become ever more blurred and unbelievable in the face of mounting adversaries and obstacles.

Brace yourself for a gripping tale of suspense, mystery, and unrelenting determination as James battles against time and the forces that seek to bring about the end of the world.

The Call of Annihilation by Yasir Ahmed Shaikh

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