More than three dozen Aramcons learn the fundamentals of computer language, terminals, and mathematics.

Computers and How to Use Them Subject of Engineers' Course - 1974
Bud Hilliard and Dave Donohue instruct Aramco engineers in the proper use of computer language, where the wrong choice of word may easily result in the wrong solution. Computer languages are the specialty of mathematician Hillard, who has developed several in his capacity as consultant to various oil companies. Co-instructor Donohue, who specializes in engineer mathematics for computers, holds doctorate degrees in engineering and law, and formerly taught petroleum engineering at Penn State University.

From the March 13, 1974 edition of The Arabian Sun.

Forty Aramco engineers learned the basics of computer programming earlier this month when two specialists from the U.S. instructed them in the fundamentals of computer language, computer terminals, and computer mathematics.

Dr. David A.T. Donohue, president of Intercomp/Human Resources Development Corporation and F.J. Hilliard, president of Opcode, who have given many similar courses the U.S., South America, and Europe, conducted the two-week course under the sponsorship of the electronic Data Processing Department for the benefit of the Aramco Engineering Department.

The objective of the course was not only to show the engineers how to program, but also to demonstrate in a practical way exactly what a computer can and can't do, and the precise type of information it needs to complete any given job. A further objective was to teach the engineers to use existing computer programs by entering data required by them.

For purposes of the course, three IBM teletypewriter terminals were installed in Dhahran conference Room D. These "typewriters" were connected with Aramco's central IBM 370/158 computer so that students could get a share of so-called "real time" or actual computer time, as opposed to batch entry of programs.

Computers and How to Use Them Subject of Engineers' Course - 1974


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