Ben Mayeri artwork
Metalwork by Ben Mayeri
Photograph by Philipp Weitz

Many Aramcons may be familiar with Ben Mayeri of Isfahan, Iran, one of the greatest metalsmiths of modern times. He was featured in National Geographic. In fact, oil rig operators used to have their hard hats engraved by this master craftsmen.

We and others wondered what happened to the Mayeri family following the Iranian revolution. I just recently located Joseph Mayeri, Ben's son, in San Francisco, California. We have a 1976 photograph of the Mayeri family. Joseph told me that the entire family was able to escape in 1978.

Ben Mayeri died in 2003, and Joseph is in the process of collecting photographs of his father's works, friends, and family. I know that many Aramcons own samples of his work. We own three beautiful pieces ourselves.

Please send high resolution copies of any photographs you may have of Ben and his work to They will be included on the website, crediting the source, and sent to Joseph for his project as well.

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Aramco ExPats thanks former Aramcon Victor Friedmann for sharing this information with our readers.