Aramcons get an up close look at first Arab Muslim astronaut and his cohorts.

Aramco Welcomes Astronauts - 1985
The astronauts and guests listen in the EXPEC Auditorium to welcoming remarks by Ali I. Al-Naimi, Aramco president. Seated in the front row from left are HHAmir Sultan bin Salman bin ‘And al-‘Aziz and colleagues Daniel Brandenstein, Patrick Baudry, Steve Nagel, John Fabian, and John Creighton.

From the Dec. 18, 1985 edition of The Arabian Sun

HH Amir Sultan ibn Salman ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz, hailed everywhere in Saudi Arabia as "the first Arab Muslim astronaut," and his colleagues from last June's Discovery space mission, called at Aramco Sunday morning on the last day of their whirlwind tour of the Kingdom.

The astronauts and others in their party arrived at the Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center (EXPEC) in Dhahran, where they were greeted by Aramco president Ali I. Naimi and other members of management.

As the group strolled across the outdoor courtyard of the complex, many Aramco office workers caught a fleeting glimpse of the astronauts from their windows or the roof of the Conference Center.

Six of the seven who flew aboard Discovery on Mission 51-G were present.

"It is a great honor for Aramco to receive you," Naimi said in a welcoming statement given from the rostrum in the EXPEC Auditorium.

"It could be said that you in space exploration and we at Aramco work in opposite directions. You probe the heavens while we delve beneath the earth's surface. Yet, our endeavors are linked in significant ways."

Naimi pointed out that both types of exploration rely on advanced technology.

Aramco Welcomes Astronauts - 1985


— The Arabian Sun: December 18, 2022