Upstream yong professional’s project focused on developing a speech-to-text summarization assistant to help students condense long lectures.

Aramco’s Muntaha Jaber Reaches Finals of First Saudi ChatGPT Hackathon

Muntaha Jaber, a young professional with Upstream, recently reached the finals in the first Saudi ChatGPT hackathon, organized by Tuwaiq Academy in Riyadh.

Focusing on education, society, and sustainability, the national hackathon was a competitive event offering the opportunity to work with experts and learn about technologies such as WhisperAPI and ChatGPT. Jaber’s participation was in line with Aramco’s efforts to encourage young professional to showcase their talents and sharpen their skills.

The competition focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing. More than 650 participants in some 250 teams were challenged to use technology to create innovative solutions. The competition was fierce, with participants from all over Saudi Arabia.

Jaber’s project focused on developing a speech-to-text and summarization assistant to enable students to accurately condense long lectures more easily — ultimately reducing the amount of time students spend studying. The solution’s objective is to contribute to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 by addressing national development requirements and labor market demands.

“The hackathon was a valuable experience that allowed me to showcase my skills and collaborate with like-minded individuals toward a common goal,” said Jaber. “It also gave me insight into the potential of AI-powered chatbots to revolutionize various industries. I'm excited to continue exploring innovative solutions that can make a positive impact on society.”

Jaber’s project made it to the final stages of the competition, making an excellent impression on the judges thanks to her dedication, hard work, and innovative ideas.

“Congratulations to Muntaha on her impressive achievement in the first ChatGPT Saudi Hackathon. Her participation reflects EXPEC Computer Center’s commitment to develop competencies leveraging AI and natural language processing as a core part of our digital transformation strategy for Upstream business.”

— Ashraf M. Tahini, vice president of Aramco’s EXPEC Computer Center

Waleed A. Al Mulhim, senior vice president of Petroleum Engineering and Development (PE&D), congratulated Jaber on her achievement.

“Muntaha's participation in the first ChatGPT Saudi Hackathon reflects PE&D’s growing talent pool in the AI and natural language processing sector,” said Al Mulhim. “Our company values and fosters a culture of continuous learning and development, and we are extremely proud of her dedication to sharpening her skills and exploring new technologies. Muntaha’s participation is a testament to her hard work and passion for innovation that will definitely have a great impact on our operations.”

— The Arabian Sun: April 16, 2023