Hundreds of volunteers clear 1,600 kilograms of garbage in al-Hasa.

'Aramco, Community Volunteers Team Up to Clean Up for Environment Week
Hundreds of volunteers from Aramco and the al-Hasa Municipality pose after their recent Cleanup Day Campaign to mark Saudi Environment Week.

A total of 375 volunteers from Aramco and the local community have cleared 1,600 kilograms of plastic and other trash in al-Hasa as part of a Cleanup Day Campaign to mark Saudi Environment Week 2023.

Aramco’s Gas Operations Technical Support and Planning (GOTS&PD) and Eastern Region’s Government Affairs departments teamed up with the al-Hasa Municipality to organize the area’s second environmental cleaning campaign, with participants ranging from 7 to more than 50 years old.

The campaign formed part of Aramco’s environmental awareness initiatives, and also featured a field tour that explained the health dangers that plastic pollution can cause, and the need to recycle waste.

Zaki A. Alblaihi, from GOTS&PD, thanked all the volunteers for taking part and highlighted Aramco’s efforts to promote environmental awareness.

— The Arabian Sun: May 30, 2023