The achievement highlights the school’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence in finance.

Aramco Business School Recognized by the Institute of Management Accountants
Aramco's Abdulaziz A . Ghamdi and Burhanu Deen Jayah accept the prestigious "Certificate of Recognition."

Aramco Business School has received the prestigious "Certificate of Recognition" award from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

The achievement highlights the Business School's dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence in accounting and finance. The IMA is a globally recognized professional organization that promotes and enhances the management accounting profession — more than 150 Aramco employees have obtained Certified Management Accountant status in the past three years.

Bassam M. Asiri, senior vice president and controller, and Musaad Sayouhi, vice president and assistant controller, have played instrumental roles in nurturing the partnership between Aramco and the IMA. The company is now recognized as an IMA Platinum Corporate Partner.

“This recognition is a testament to our steadfast commitment to developing finance talent equipped with best-in-class certifications.”

— Bassam M. Asiri

Sayouhi emphasized the importance of financial literacy, "Understanding our operations relies heavily on financial literacy, and IMA's certification has greatly enhanced our talent in this regard."

Aramco has been actively promoting excellence in accounting and finance through its partnership with the IMA. This collaboration has enabled the company to leverage the IMA's resources and expertise in supporting the professional development of employees and maintaining high financial management standards.

The IMA certification recognizes Aramco’s commitment to promoting excellence, and its pursuit of continuous improvement, upholding ethical standards, and supporting employees to take advantage of professional certifications and development opportunities.

— The Arabian Sun: June 19, 2023