Fifteen years after their flight aboard the Camel, the "survivors" celebrate.

And Then There Were Seven - 1967

From the June 7, 1967 edition of the Sun and Flare.

NEW YORK — May 24, 1952, witnessed the departure, via the old Aramco "Camel," of some 17 new employees for the three-day flight to Dhahran.

Last Wednesday, the "survivors" of that group gathered at the home of R.L. Hatchers to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

They are, from left, Mary and Bob Hatcher, Margaret Brennan, Marjorie De Santis, Reuel Foreman, and Billie Ritter.

Absent on vacation is Robbie Robison.

Of the five female employees of that flight, four remain as Aramco wives. That's right, the hatchers met aboard the "Camel."

And Then There Were Seven - 1967


— The Arabian Sun: June 07, 2023