A year of accomplishment is capped off by drilling records.

Abqaiq Drilling Does It Again - 1965

From the Dec. 29, 1965 edition of the Sun and Flare

Drilling records continue to fall in the Abqaiq Drilling Division, as November's record drilling time for Shedgum Well-32 of 11.8 days was bettered three times in December in land wells, and a new offshore drilling record was established.

Shedgum Well-37, drilled by the National 80-2 rig, was spudded on Nov. 23, and the rig released on Dec. 4 after drilling to a depth of 7,028 feet in 11.2 days

Shedgum Well-33, spudded on Dec. 18 and rig released on Dec. 27, reached a depth of 6,601 feet in 9.4 days, but by that time, a better record has been established at Shedgum Well-31, which between Dec. 6 and Dec. 15, was drilled to a depth of 6,584 feet in 9.2 days, the standing record to date for land wells.

All three wells were drilled by the same crew.

Abqaiq Drilling Does It Again - 1965


— The Arabian Sun: December 29, 2022