Anderson Education: 6 Reasons to Consider a Boarding Education for Your Child

Deciding on a boarding school education for your child is a huge emotional and financial decision. As parents we all want the best for our children including the best possible education to ensure that they achieve their academic potential, learn life skills that are going to prepare them for adulthood and above all are happy in themselves.

A UK boarding education provides children with a structured environment and a wealth of opportunities from the time that they wake up to the moment the lights go off in the evening.

Anderson Education, the UK boarding school specialists, have been working with local and expat families living overseas for 21 years; we have up to date knowledge and experience of helping families to find the right school for their child. The reasons that families consider the option of a UK boarding education are:

  1. Stability of education – Mobile, Forces, FCDO, Diplomat and expat families that move often are keen to ensure continuity of education for their children, particularly when they enter senior school or start a two-year GCSE/A Level/IB/Btec programme. With each school move children have to make new friends, get to know teachers and settle into a new environment. They find the stability of a boarding education reassuring and benefit from longer holidays when they are able to return home.
  2. A boarding experience encourages independence and confidence – Boarding students experience life outside of their family unit, living within a community and developing life skills that will prepare them for the future. Resilience, time management, decision making, thinking for yourself, social skills and taking responsibility are all encouraged.
  3. Support and pastoral care – Boarders have the benefit of access to teaching staff and house staff after the school day has finished and complete their homework in supervised ‘prep’ sessions together with other boarders from their year group. They develop strong friendships with children from all year groups and make friends for life through shared experiences. UK boarding schools are truly international and many are proud to say that they have students from over 25 different nationalities and cultures.
  4. Excellent facilities for sport, music, art and drama – Boarding students have use of extensive first-class facilities after their school day has finished and at weekends. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered from Archery to Zumba and boarders will be found making full use of an indoor swimming pool, football pitch, theatre, music practice rooms, art studio and library. It is a great opportunity to be able to try a new activity or hobby and be part of a team.
  5. Structure – Children thrive in an environment that offers them structure and routine. They quickly embrace the daily and weekly routines of the boarding house and school and understand the need for guidelines and rules.
  6. Stepping Stone to University – Joining a boarding school for the Sixth Form from age 16 is excellent preparation for university life whilst in a safe and secure environment, supported by a house parent. Sixth Form students are given more responsibility and encouraged to look after themselves and their well-being.

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