HH Amir 'Abd al-Muhsin ibn Jiluwi attends as guest of honor.

3,000 Attend Annual Arabian Horse Show - 1958
HH Amir 'Abd al-Muhsin ibn Jiluwi, left, arrives at the corral to witness the Second Annual Arabian Horse Day.

From the April 30, 1958 edition of The Sun and Flare.

An audience estimated at 3,000 attended the second Annual Arabian Horse Day held Friday at the corral. The aim of the annual event is to demonstrate the competitive ability and versatility of the Arabian horse.

HH Amir 'Abd al-Muhsin ibn Jiluwi was the guest of honor. He was accompanied by HH Amir 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Jiluwi. The American Counsel General, the Commander of the American Training Mission, and many of Aramco's executive officers also attended as guests of the Corral Association.

In well executed maneuvers, the corral drill team opened the afternoon's program. They were followed by a display of horsemanship, Gymkhana games, challenge races, and more.

3,000 Attend Annual Arabian Horse Show - 1958


— The Arabian Sun: April 30, 2023