The Abqaiq ladies' football team took on the Abqaiq men’s football team at 1 p.m. on Friday 26 March 1976 at the Al Farah football pitch, Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia.

1976 Abqaiq Ladies' Football Team Takes On Abqaiq Men's Football Team
Team photo. Back row left to right: Linda Gutherless, Monica Hayward, Diane Dicappua, Chris Cassels, Jane Archer, Ann Huckle. Front row left to right: Dot O’Connor, Enid ?, Pam Trevorrow, Veronica O’Neill, Catherine O’Neill

I recently came across this photo in one of my albums and thought it might cause a few smiles and perhaps jog a few memories.

We were certainly ahead of our time (about 47 years!), as a ladies' football team was something of an oddity in 1976. We were a diverse, multinational mix, with two Americans, Jane Archer and Diane Dicappua, one Australian, Chris Cassels, and one Irish, Catherine O’Neill. The majority of the ladies were British secretaries working in various departments in Abqaiq; Diane DiCappua was a dental hygienist at the Clinic in Abqaiq while Jane (Brockman) Archer was a teacher at Abqaiq School. Jane (being a PE teacher, I believe) was able to explain the rules just before the match started.

1976 Abqaiq Ladies' Football Team Takes On Abqaiq Men's Football Team
Veronica O’Neill – taking a penalty??

The match was organised by Drew Mackie, a Scotsman living in Abqaiq who was an excellent football player and regularly organised most of the football teams in Abqaiq.

The end score is shrouded in mystery… but the ‘after party’ was great; we certainly had a good, fun-filled afternoon.

My diary tells me, ‘really enjoyed football and didn’t fall.’