Photo of the Week - Fall 2021

Contributed by The Arabian Sun, Ken Trousdell, Fred Bobb, Judy Walker, Aramco ExPats, Arthur Clark on 1 September 2021

Under: Photo of the Week
A Major Shift in Forecasting Shaybah Tour - 2019 KSA Reunion Mini Aramco Get Together First Paved Highway From Dhahran to Dammam Organizers of the 2018 Austin Hafla Having Fun While Making Plans 2017 Teachers Reunion Rig of the Year Al-Uqayr Trip, 2019 KSA Reunion A Summer Sunrise in al-Khobar Aramco Brats Irene Pappas (Dh. '75) and Fred Bobb (Dh. '72). Prosperity Well
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