Aramcons Conquer Rome Marathon

Contributed by Mimi Wixted on 8 May 2007

Under: Community
Crossing the Finish Line Taking A Break Tired Success! Runners Pass By Waving Hello We Made It! More Runners Continue To Come In Just Passing By Thumbs Up Happy Hugging The Team Finishes Wrapped In Gold Marathoner's Toe During the Marathon Bo Running Dan, Salman, and Bo Running Jouj and Mimi Afterwards Maggie and Bridie Celebrate Bo Celebrates Relaxing Proudly Showing Medal Aramcons Wave To the Camera Celebration Friends Smile At Completing Their Feat Jokes and Laughter Hooting and Hollering Smiles From Ear to Ear Bo and Friends Cheers Palazzo Del Congressi Friends Show Off Parting Gifts The Team A Sweet Farewell
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