Clarence D. Knaur

Deceased: 1 July 1958

Under: Obituary

Clarence D. Knaur, Supervisor, Services Supply, Products Distribution department, Jiddah, was killed in an automobile accident July 1 in Demming, New Mexico, while vacationing in the United States. His wife Geraldine is seriously injured and hospitalized.

Knaur spent 14 years in Saudi Arabia. Before joining Aramco he was Manager, Petroleum division of Grand Canyon Boulder Dam Tours, Inc., wholesale distributors for Standard Oil of California and operators of hotels, service stations and Lake Mead tours in Boulder City, Nevada.

Born in Kankakee, Ill., Knaur graduated from high school there in 1923 and worked in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin before moving westward in 1931 to begin his association with the oil business.

Knaur's Aramco career was long and varied. Starting as Floorman in the Dhahran Commissary in mid-1944, he became Assistant Storekeeper, Acting Storekeeper in Ras Tanura, Acting Storekeeper in Dhahran, Storekeeper, Supplies Coordinator, Subsistence Control Supervisor, Liaison Supervisor (Food and Retail Requirements) and finally Food and Retail Requirements Supervisor, before transferring to Jiddah in 1955.

Surviving Knaur besides his wife are his two children, William, 21, and Signa Ann, 15.

I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge to all Aramco friends the deep appreciation I have for their kind messages at the time of the death of my husband, Clarence Knaur. I was moved to the Lutheran Hospital, in Ft. Wayne, Ind., from the Deming, N.M. hospital on July 22. I am getting along fine now but it will be two or three weeks more before the cast is removed from my body, so at present I must just take time (which I seem to have plenty) to mend. Sincerely, Geraldine Knaur.

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