Charles A. Huber

Deceased: 16 February 1958

Under: Obituary

Charles A. Huber, 52, foreman of concrete products manufacturing, insulators and masons, died Sunday, Feb. 16, in Dhahran.

Mr. Huber, whose Stateside home was in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. was with the New York Police Department from September, 1930, until his retirement September, 1950. During his 20 years with the Department he served as patrolman, plain clothesman and inspector.

He joined Aramco Nov. 11, 1950, as an identification specialist and arrived in Dhahran Dec. 14, 1950. He was made a lead mason August, 1952, assistant foreman in July, 1953, and was promoted to his present job Jan. 1, 1956.

Surviving him are his widow, Sophie and three children, Mrs. Charlotte Hitchcock, Addison, Mich., Charles A. Huber, Jr., Civil Engineer, General Office Engineering, Dhahran, and Raymond, a student in Beirut.

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