Zara Imran Celebrate her 12th Happy Birthday
Zara is posing with her mother, Erum Imran

The following report was written by Zara Imran, granddaughter of SAEEA (Saudi Aramco Ex-Employee Association) member Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan of Karachi, Pakistan.

Every year, we all become eager to celebrate our birthday. It is special as it comes only once every year and we get to celebrate it with great joy and happiness. Usually, a lot of wishes of people come true on this day and they enjoy the day with their loved ones.

Just like everyone else, I also look forward to my birthday every year. It happens on the 25th of August which makes August a special month for me. On my birthday, my parents throw a birthday party inviting all my family members. My mother makes my favorite dishes which I enjoy eating. The most exciting part about my birthday celebration is opening the gifts. I cherish every gift of mine dearly no matter how big or small. My favorite gift to date is the acoustic guitar my father got for me when I was 11 years old.

Zara Imran Celebrate her 12th Happy Birthday
A lovely rotating frame gifted by her Choti Nani.
Zara Imran Celebrate her 12th Happy Birthday
Zara's flavoursome birthday cake.

My 12th Birthday was a blast. Dinner was served after the cake cutting, there was Biryani, Chargha, Malai Chicken Karahi and all was very delicious. For dessert, there was birthday cake and brownies which were made by my mother who has a brownie business.

The most delightful thing about my birthday was spending time with my family and of course, opening the gifts. The first gift I received was from my parents which was a ring light and a tripod. I love making videos and posting them on YouTube so this gift is really helpful and I love it! The other gift which I got was from my grandmother (Choti Nani), she gifted me a ceramic cup which had a small bear printed on it and a rotating frame which basically rotates and plays music! Isn’t that amazing!

Zara Imran Celebrate her 12th Happy Birthday
Appetizing pulao made by the birthday girl's mother.
Zara Imran Celebrate her 12th Happy Birthday
Savoury Karahi and Chargha.
Zara Imran Celebrate her 12th Happy Birthday
Tasty and sweet Kheer.

Next, I received cash from my grandfather (Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan), my mamu and my nani. Then I got a traditional desi coloring book from my mami and mamu which is really pretty and really fun to color; it is also relaxing. Next, I got a neatly packed bouquet filled with chocolates from my younger cousin, Ayra! Then I got a polymer clay set from my mamu and mami. It has 50 colors of polymer clay, it is fun to play with and make new creations. I also got a packet full of my favorite sodas from my sister!

Everyone enjoyed the event and Alhamdulillah everything went well.

Happy Birthday to me!!