Thank you, Ann Berry, for sending AXP this beautiful, nostalgic photo of UK Secretaries.

Ann Berry worked in Office Services for 24 years, from 1978 to her retirement on 1 April 2002. The photo is of her friends at her leaving party. The party included 34 secretaries who had clocked over 700 years working for Aramco. Congratulations to all of them!

Many of you will recognize and have fond memories of these hard-working women twenty years later. Please send any additional information on these employees, including email addresses. Maybe we can find them and see what they are doing today.

xxxxFront row: Marg Dyer, Glenda Dobinson, Lyndsay Poynton, Andrea Green, Viv Harrison-McGuire
Seated: Ann Berry, Libby Bowers, Jean Rumbelow-Nawwaz, Angela Mundy, Elaine Dunn, Julie Smith-Lewis
Second row: Chris Wilson, Sue Lawford, Davina Highley, Helen Paterson, Carole Hallett-Ross
Third row: Maggie Wright, Trus Groneman, Janet Northrop-Gibson, Jackie Driver, Carole Monkhouse, Sue Greenwood, Karrie & Jane Thompson, Jude Fulla, Carole Johnson, Sue Sharman, Jenny Bayton, Pam Robinson-Vizor, Chris Brechenmacher
Back row: Sue Orchard, Pat Barrett, Tracy White, Bernie Wright

After publication, we received the following comment:

I was with Saudi Aramco from 1990 to 1996. I was amazed on looking at the photo to see some of the secretaries I knew from my Aramco days: seated, Ann Berry and Angela Mundy, and third row, Trus Groneman and Janet Northrop-Gibson.

Ann Berry, thank you for sharing the photo!

After leaving Aramco, I have made a point of searching for the sun and now live in the east 6 degrees north of the equator.

Enjoy life ladies,

Francis Johns

UK Secretaries - 20 Years Ago
Francis Johns with the Saudi Aramco Theatre Group.