Time Is Gold, And So Is Our Aramco Family

It is time to plan another Hafla Reunion for 2024!

Coming out of the COVID shutdown and having no reunion in 2020, we had a fantastic time on the 2022 Hafla Cruise, even though we had fewer people than usual.

It is time to start preparations for the 2024 reunion, and we are looking for a coordinator and their committee to serve as the guide. If you are interested in coordinating the next reunion or would like to learn more about what coordinating the reunion entails please reach out to Vicci Turner at vicci@aramcoexpats.com.

Remember, reunions have been an Aramco tradition; a tradition that has held us together after living in Arabia. When we attend reunions, we spend time with our best friends and make new ones. No matter where you meet an Aramcon, there is something to discuss!

Time goes by; however, our memories remain. We want another fantastic reunion and appreciate you for helping to support our Aramco family.