The highest column of the current gas processing plant will reach 140 feet into the air.

Skyline Change at Ras Tanura - 1972

From the May 3, 1972 edition of the Sun and Flare.

SIX NEW COLUMNS for processing waste gas will soon manufacture more LPG for Aramco's growing markets here and abroad. Work on the first increment begin in July 1971 by driving nearly 1,000 steel piles 40 feet into the ground.

This piling will support the tons of steel piping and process equipment now being erected at Ras Tanura’s Plants 25 and 26.

The highest column reaches 140 into the air, and the heaviest weighs 320 tons.

Aramco Overseas Company is coordinating all engineering effort. Ras Tanura construction engineer T.J. Ullsey is administering the Refinery work with one prime contractor, Shwai'ir Cosntruction Company.

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is an energy source easily package in small, pressurized containers. Conveniently distributed in this form, it is used for cooking, heating, and lighting in remote areas where costly pipeline expansion is prohibitive.

Skyline Change at Ras Tanura - 1972


— The Arabian Sun: May 03, 2023