From anatomy to Arabic cooking to performance opportunities and educational games, the monthlong intersession provide wide array of activities for a wide array of interests.

Saudi Aramco Schools Intersession Activities - 1990
Future Bobby Fischers watch as Dhahran Hills teacher Dale Lesiter explains elementary moves in the beginner's chess class.

From the May 23, 1990 edition of The Arabian Sun.

"School's out! School's out! What will I do, Mom?”

Stateside moms despair to hear that question. Not so here.

The problem for most Aramco schoolchildren during intersession was not boredom at what to choose from the array of activities offered by the schools in all areas.

Whether the course was Asian cooking, chess for blood, intro to Spanish, or Rake-loom Weaving, it's safe to say that it was fun AND educational.

In fact, most parents wouldn't mind take a few of the courses themselves.

Saudi Aramco Schools Intersession Activities - 1990


— The Arabian Sun: May 23, 2023