Katie Kennedy DeweyKatie Kennedy Dewey
Photo by Aramco ExPats

Name? Katie Kennedy Dewey

Job Title & Department? Northern Area Industrial Security (1981-1987)

Compound Residence? Ras Tanura

Spouse's Name? Lee W. Dewey - Deceased

Children? Peter Dewey

Grandchildren? Jack Dewey - Age 6

What year did you start working for Saudi Aramco? 1980

What year did you retire? 1987

Where do you live now? San Antonio, Texas

What attracted you to working for Saudi Aramco and living in Saudi Arabia? I first arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1946 with my parents, Gerry and Dolores Kennedy (Badge #125), and two siblings, Mollie and Terry. I was one of the 13 kids in Ras Tanura who opened the school in 1946 in the old Mess Hall with Mr. Sam Whipple as teacher and principal. After I graduated 9th grade and went to boarding schools for the remaining three grades, I returned to RT and worked in the Refinery Department for two years. I left in 1958 and it was 20 years before I returned as a wife and mother in 1980 my husband, Lee Dewey. Saudi Arabia was home to me and I was delighted to have the opportunity to return. When we left in 1987, I was the last of our Kennedy family to leave Saudi Arabia.

What is one of your favorite memories of Saudi Arabia? As child, I have fond memories of swimming in the gulf walking along the beach chasing crabs and looking for pretty shells. The gulf is pretty special to me.

Perhaps the most recent favorite memory is the trip to the Kingdom in 2008 to celebrate the company's 75th Anniversary and meeting His Majesty Kind Abdullah. It was a memory I hold in my heart and remember daily.

My two sisters and brother were also on that trip: Terry Kennedy, who was four-years-old when we arrived in 1946; Mollie Kennedy (Brooks) who married and had four children born there and went to school there; Eve Kennedy (Hern) who also married and raised her children there although, she was not one of the "1947" kids (she arrived in 1949). All of us were either there at one time or later overlapped our residence, so that there was always a Kennedy living Kingdom sand until 1987.

1947 Aramco Brats Return to Saudi Arabia Katie Kennedy Dewey on 1947 Aramco Brats Return to Saudi Arabia trip in 2008.
Photo by Aramco ExPats

What are some of your favorite hobbies in your retirement? I spend about four hours a week as a tutor, reading to first and second graders, and spend one morning every week volunteering in my church's office. I also enjoy having my 6-year-old grandson Jack with me after school every day. He keeps me moving! When I have time, I enjoy working in the yard.

If you would like to contact Katie, please email her at kdewey1@juno.com.

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