President and CEO calls implementation a historic milestone for Aramco.

SAP in with a Bang - 2002

From the Jan. 2, 2002 edition of The Arabian Sun

Dec. 29 was a banner day for Saudi Aramco, for Information Technology and for the hundreds of people who had been involved with the SAP Project, some for the past six years.

It was the day of the "Big Bang" as SAP functions went live for Finance and Controlling, Materials and Warehouse Management, Plant Maintenance, Services Procurement (Contracting), Projects and Capital Planning, and Quality Management.

In short, the company switched from a mainframe-based operation to one based on SAP.

Abdallh S. Jum'ah, president and CEO and a staunch supporter of the SAP implementation, pronounced the Big Bang a significant milestone in Saudi Aramco's history.

“Since I joined the company on April 1, 1968, I have witnessed the introduction of hundreds of computer systems designed to automate and optimize company processes, keep down costs, and maintain internal controls. This Project has identified all these processes, documented them, and changed them to comply with the best practices available in the world. The project provides Saudi Aramco with brand new engines designed to carry the company for the next 60 years.”

— Abduallah S. Ju'mah

And with the Big Bang, most of the massive SAP project is complete — some of it a full year ahead of schedule.

SAP in with a Bang - 2002


— The Arabian Sun: January 02, 2023