SAEEA Progress Meeting Minutes - November, 2015

SAEEA Progress Meeting Minutes - November, 2015

The progress meeting of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) held on Nov. 08, 2015. The attendees were as follows:

  • Kamal A. Farooqi (KAF)
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan (IAK)
  • Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan (GQK)
  • Mohammad Abdul Matin (MAM)
  • Muhammad Salim Hamid (MSH)
  • Shafiq Ahmed Khan (SAK)

The highlights of the meeting were as follows:

  1. Kamal A. Farooqi (KAF) thanked SAK for providing his house for the meeting and arranging a very delicious lunch for all the attendees.
  2. KAF highlighted the activities occurred during the months of September/October, 2015. The main items are:
    1. Rahat Hussain, Alimullah and Shawkatullah Khan;
    2. SAEEA very active Member Qamar A. Khan is currently in the USA.  During his stay, he got heart attack; took initial treatment and scheduled to return back to Pakistan by next week.  SAEEA called him to inquire about his health and will visit him upon his return.
  3. SAEEA Vice President, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan underwent a successful Cataract right eye operation last week. He is scheduled for his other eye operation by next week. Although, IAK is not in a position to move and take part in physical activities, however, he came to attend SAEEA meeting. KAF appreciated his devotion and attachment with SAEEA.
  4. KAF with the agreement of other Members, decided to have SAEEA 14th Reunion during current month. So, the SAEEA Reps will survey different places to find a good place for reunion. Arif Qamar is very cooperative Member of SAEEA offered his services in finding better place and arranging the next reunion.
  5. MSH presented updated SAEEA account.
  6. KAF prayed for fast recovery of (1) MSH’s Mother (2) Anwar Mirza (3) Iftikhar Ahmed (4) Iqtidar Ahmed (5) Engr. Iqbal A. Khan (6) Iqbal Chughtai (7) Muslameen’s Son who has successful knee surgery operation.

If you have any questions then please call Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan on +92-321-701-4929 or write to him on