SAEEA Monthly Meeting for June 2013

Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association
Sitting-L to R: MA Matin, Kamal Farooqi, Iqbal Khan. Standing (L to R): GQ Khan, S. Hamid, K. Alvi, Rais Akhtar, Qamar Khan, Shafiq Khan

The monthly meeting of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA), Karachi, Pakistan was held on June 01, 2013. The attendees were as follows:

  • Kamal Ahmed Farooqi (KAF)
  • Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan (GQK)
  • Engineer Iqbal Ahmed Khan (IAK)
  • Mohammad Abdul Matin (MAM)
  • Shafiq A. Khan (SAK)
Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees AssociationThe Election Committee Members. Sitting (L to R): Kaiser Alvi, Rais Akhtar. Standing: Salim Hamid, Qamar A. Khan

Following are the highlights:

  • Kamal A. Farooqi explained the activities during the month of May 2013.
  • KAF congratulated Rais Akhtar, recently back from UMRA and Qamar Khan; his daughter obtained a PhD and settled down, after marriage, in Chicago, United States.
  • As announced during the 7th Reunion for the SAEEA forthcoming election four regular paid members were invited with the consent of the Governing Body for this purpose; namely 1) Mr. Rais Akhtar, 2), Mr. Salim Hamid, 3) Mr. Qamar Khan and 4) Mr. Kaiseruddin Alavi.
  • After the consultation of the aforementioned personnel, SAEEA Governing Body formed the Election Committee (EC) and assigned the task of election with full authority. The Members elected Mr. Rais Akhter as the Chairman of the Election Committee. The Election Committee comprises of the of the following:
  • Rais Akhtar – Chairman
  • Salim Hamid – Member
  • Kaiseruddin Alavi – Member
  • Qamar Khan - Member
  • KAF reviewed the three draft election forms vis-à-vis (1) Ballot Paper (2) Nomination Paper (3) Election Instructions and requested EC to review these documents and come back to us with their recommendations by July 01, 2013. Once the things are finalized by the Election Committee, SAEEA will then sit with them for further program.
  • A proposal was made by Members to mail the election information through postal services. SAEEA agreed and will mail the necessary information once it is finalized.
  • GQK is in process to see the feasibility of holding SAEEA monthly meeting through Video Conferencing.
  • SAEEA bye-laws are finally signed by all Office bearers and will be posted into SAEEA Website.
  • SAEEA account is almost final and will also be posted in their next Reunion for General Body review.
  • The Ladies Representative, Mrs. Naghma Manzoor requested all interested persons, looking for life partners, to fill out SAEEA Marriage Data form. In absence of that form, she won’t be able to process any request. So, all interested Members are requested to contact Naghma through her e-mail:, tel. no. 02136607421. It should be noted that only ladies should contact in this regard.
  • KAF concluded the meeting with prayers for sick people; especially Anwar Mirza and Sher Ali and condolence prayers for those who are not with us.

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