SAEEA Monthly Progress Meeting Minutes - January 2014

The monthly progress meeting of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) was held on January 01, 2014.

SAEEA January Meeting

The attendees were as follows:

  1. Kamal A. Farooqi (KAF)
  2. Engr. Iqbal A Khan (IAK)
  3. Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan (GQK)
  4. Mohammad Abdul Matin (MAM)
  5. Shafiq A. Khan (SAK)
  6. Muhammad Salim Hamid (MSH)

The highlights of the meeting were as follows:

SAEEA January Meeting
  • KAF highlighted activities took place during the month of December, 2013.
  • KAF requested GQK to review the part of “Elections” in SAEEA Bye-Laws and come back with his recommendations.
  • KAF informed all the attendees that SAEEA registration requested, is still under review with the Local Lawyer.
  • KAF-SAEEA proposed 9th reunion is delayed because of cold weather. The new tentative date is January 19, 2014 instead of January 12, 2014. KAF and MAM are working on the arrangements.
  • IAK-updated all the attendees about the SAEEA website and the Saudi Aramco Retirees Magazine Al-Ayyam Al-Jamila. Most of the SAEEA Members received the hard copies for the Fall 2013 Issue of the Magazine. Those members who did not receive as yet an additional request has been sent  to the editor of the Magazine for issuing the hard copies to them as soon as possible.
  • KAF requested SAK to come back with his recommendations concerning give away items.
  • KAF requested MAM to prepare a list of those Members who not yet paid the yearly subscription.
  • KAF prayed for all sick Friends and their Families.
If you have any questions then please call Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan on +92-321-701-4929 or write to him on