Remember Manwich?

Aramco would bring Manwich in by the cases to the four district commissaries, and they could never keep it in stock. It was a huge bestseller in the '60s and '70s. At times, they would even have a limit on how many cans you could buy at one time on your badge number.

I still enjoy a Manwich sloppy joe from time to time. It brings back fond memories of Boy Scouts, Little League baseball games, swim meets, gymkhanas, fundraisers, etc.

I recall that Aramco parents added other ingredients and spices to their Manwich sloppy joes, making it their own unique delight. One Aramco parent, Jackie Pierce's mom, would add green beans. That was also very delicious! My mother would add a spice or two, making it special in her own way. I wish I could remember the spices she added but it's been 45 years!

Ground beef, of course, was the main ingredient. I never remember a time when the Aramco Community Services Department ran out of ground beef. It was always plentiful at the Dhahran Commissary. Perhaps that was because the ground beef was flown in by plane but the Manwich was shipped in by boat; one week versus three months.

Traversing memory lane, Aramco Expats readers might have an additional comment or correction on this subject. Ali Baluchi would probably know more as he was the executive in charge of all Aramco food services.