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Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization (RAWO) was established in April 2013 in a small house in Korangi, under the supervision of Col (R) Javed Majid, assisted by Qari Saifullah. The aim of RAWO is to uplift the poor people economically: raise education standards, support financially, increase their earning capacity and provide platform to excel further.

Works & Schemes

There are various works/scheme undertaken by the organization to fulfill its AIM since its establishment at Korangi in April 2013.

In September 2017 a small unit of RAWO has also been established in DI Khan district in a remote village Thallian about 50 km west of DI Khan. Imam Masjid Obaidullah of the village mosque, a young and educated person is in charge of the setup. The welfare works executed/planned by the RAWO during 2018 are enumerated below along with expenditures.

Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
RAWO Korangi Setup
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
D.I. Khan Setup

Welfare Works at Korangi

  1. Teaching Quran
    The children are learning Quran in two shifts. Qari Saifullah and a lady teacher are performing the duties. There are about 100 students. A third teacher is teaching the Quranic  Arabic to elder students.

    The aim is to teach Nazra and to make Quran understandable at childhood level

    Annual Expenditures - Rs. 96,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Quran Classes for Girls and Boys
  1. Stitching School
    Girls stitching school was established in May 2013 Thirteen machines were provided along with two teachers. 25 to 30 students are present at a time. In 3 to 4 months a batch is trained for simple stitching. The aim is to teach stitching to the girls of the area at very low rates (Rs.100 per month) so that they may be able to provide financial support to their families. Annual income of the school is around Rs.33,600. A subsidy of Rs.74,400 annually is needed to keep the school in functional state.

    Annual Expenditures - Rs. 74,400
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Stitching Classes for Girls
  1. Welfare Schemes Korangi During 2018
    1. Marriage Support
      1. Cash Support. Loan + Cash = Rs 100,000
    2. Distribution of sets of books to poor students of class 1 - 10 = Rs. 40,000
    3. Distribution of copies/journals to poor students of government schools who gets the books free from the government. = Rs. 10,000
    4. Monthly Ration Scheme (Korangi Set Up):
      1. Annual Payment in shape of Ration = Rs. 360,000
      2. Eid Special Package Cash = Rs. 30,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Eid Clothes for Girls
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Girls Eid Dresses Stitched in Stitching School Korangi
  1. Micro Financing (Zero Markup)
    It has been run successfully for the last four years. 270 persons have received Financial Support up till 2018 and are in business independently. 50 persons were benefited in 2018. More than Rs 800,000 is in circulation with a monthly recovery of Rs75000 to Rs85000 with zero markup. There is no defaulter since launching of this scheme. Our clients are poor people those selling Fruits, Vegetable, small shop owners etc.
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Shops at Door Step and Thailas Financed by Micro Financing
  1. Computer Institute
    It was established in October 2014 in a rented accommodation with 10 Computers. In November 2017it was shifted to our main accommodation in Korangi. Presently it is under strength, one teacher is managing the classes. Though the institute is financially not very successful, however it has been run for the welfare of poor students. The present strength of the students is 22. The repair maintenance and replacement of the computers is done as per needs arrives.

    Expenditures in 2018 = Rs. 135,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Computer classes for Boys and Girls
  1. Medical Support
    Financial assistance is provided to closely associate persons requiring medical support etc.
    Patients for eye surgery are sent to Lions International Eye Hospital for free Cataract Operation.
    Cases of complicated nature are referred to known specialist for free consultation and treatment on concessional rates.
  2. Coaching Centre
    From November 2017, a Coaching Centre has been started from KG-I to class 8 comprising of two sections. There are presently 30 students. This coaching is helpful to weak students. Two teachers have been employed. The fee is kept low to accommodate maximum students.

    Net Expenditures = Rs. 6600
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Coaching Classes in Progress
  1. Cooking Classes
    Cooking Classes have been started on weekly basis from 17 December 2017 on every Sunday. A course of 12 weeks have been planned for making 12 simple dishes. Initial expenditures of Rs 10,000 have been made for utensils, gas burner and grocery etc. A batch of 10 students and one teacher are on the job.
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Cooking Classes in Progress
  1. Children Library
    A library has been established for the children. Story books, historical books, and books on religion mostly in Urdu of children level have been received as donation. Procurement of more books from the market is in progress.

    Total Expenditures Korangi Setup During 2018 = Rs. 703,600

RAWO Set up at Thallian Village, DI Khan District

RAWO has taken a bold step in Sept 2017 by launching welfare projects outside Karachi. A unit of RAWO was established in Thallian Village District DI Khan. It is a small village about 50 KM West of DI Khan. It’s all mud houses except the mosque. There is no electricity, no water, no communications, no economic activity etc. Agriculture and cattle grazing is the only commitment of the people which is in its most primitive stage. It depends on rains in the mountains and the runoff is used as water source for all purposes. The rain fall is not regular thus causes draught and famine of highest order.

Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
View of Village Thallian Village Mosque,(ImmamMusjid on right)

Drinking water is brought from distance, from rain accumulated ponds or from tanks filled with spring water. The animal’s drinking water is also from ponds.

Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Drinking Water Pond
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Animals Water Pond

In these circumstances RAWO has started some welfare schemes in the area to support the poor villagers. In the first instance a Tube Well has been installed in Sept 2017, with solar power to uplift the agriculture and help solve the drinking water problem of the village.

Some other schemes such as financial support, Ration support, Tuition Centre, Provision of Cloths on Eid etc are also under taken on limited scale due to financial constraints. Presently Imam Masjid is representing RAWO in the village.

  1. Installation of Tube Well (Solar Powered). Deep drilling up to 300 ft is required to. Get regular supply of water .For economical purposes solar power is provided. One TW can irrigate up to 90 Kanals of land. TW was installed under Micro Finance. Scheme with zero mark up.

    Expenditures 1x TW = Rs 320,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Installation of Tube Well at Thallian Village under Micro Finance Scheme
  1. Fruit Trees Plantations
    Dates and other trees are planted. = Rs 2200
  2. Tuition / Extra Coaching & Quran Classes
    Extra coaching to the students is provided. = Rs. 24,000
Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Quran & Coaching Class by Qari Obaid-Ullah
  1. Monthly Ration
  •  Monthly ration support is provided to Masjid resident students. = Rs 60,000
  • 2x widow’s family receiving Rs 5000/ month. = Rs 30,000
  1. Ceremony of Hafiz Quran
    A ceremony was held in the mosque on the occasion of Hefiz of Quran
    1. Dress Suites to each student and Teacher were gifted.
    2. Copy of Quran.
    3. Food arrangement for 300 participants.

Expenditures: Rs 45,000

  1. Eid Dresses (Cloth Received as Donation)
    1. Dresses for boy & girls 65 nos.(Stitching Charges). = Rs. 12,000
    2. Cash Payment. = Rs. 5000

Expenditures = Rs. 17000

  1. Marriage Support
    Financial and support in kind have been provided to a poor widow of the village for the marriage of her daughter as a welfare measure.
    • Cash Support Rs 250
    • Support in Kind

7x Ladies Suites, Bed Cover, One Trunk, Prayer Mat, Set of cooking Utensils, 6xPersons Dinner Set and a Quran Sharief along with cash.

Rehmat Ul Alameen Welfare Organization 2018
Dowry of Widows Daughter (DI Khan)

RAWO Expenditures of DI Khan = Rs 491,600

Total Expenses Korangi & DI Khan Setups

Rs. 703,600 + 491,600. Rs. 1,195,200


The welfare of a society has unlimited dimensions and scopes with unending expenditures. With the establishment of RAWO with meager resources some positive results have been achieved. The scope and extent can be enhanced with the increase in resources and efforts. However with collective efforts in organized manner and with God blessings, the welfare work can be enhanced to new heights.

Col Javed Majid Siddiqui (NED 67) (Mob +92 346 2052544)

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