Recognize Anyone from this 1973 Aramco Magazine Cover Photo?

(UPDATE: We have received responses identifying two others in this photo. The 2nd woman from the left is Sue Gillespie. Hassan Zalan is the firefighter from the Ras Tanura Fire Department.)

UK resident Mel Trotter supplied this image of a 1973 Aramco magazine cover that includes him, and we're hoping to identify others that are also in the photograph.

Of the magazine cover, Mel explains, "it cheered me up when I looked at it the other day." He recalls, "that year, my boss in the Aramco Aviation Department casually asked me in his office if I'd turn up in full uniform for a photoshoot as a representative of their aircrew. It seemed an innocuous ask and I had no idea what it was for; well you can see the outcome.

It all seemed so accidental at the time and never having received a copy of the magazine, I had forgotten about it."

If you can identify anyone in this magazine cover, please email the information to AramcoExPats at

Mel goes on to explain, "a couple of years ago my sister sent me a copy she found in my mother's papers lying undisturbed for many years. My mother visited me in Dhahran for a vacation in 1974 and must have picked it up there and taken it back to the UK.

It brought back happy memories of flying the exploration teams or the weekly Tapline flights ending in a Monday night in Beirut. Something of a contrast to the situation here now with the Prime Minister just out of intensive care. I prefer 1973 memories.

Best wishes to all wherever you are in the world." ~Mel Trotter