New Community to Replace Facilities at ‘Uthmaniyah.

Permanent Operations Begin at ‘Udhailiyah Townsite - 1957

From the Feb. 6, 1957 edition of the Sun and Flare.

A new, complete community began activity on virtually a full-scale operational level Sunday morning, Feb. 3, with the move of personnel and facilities from the former temporary camp at ‘Uthmaniyah to the permanent settlement at ‘Udhailiyah.

The move of more than 300 employees and their belongings was effected in two hours Sunday morning. Immediately, facilities in ‘Udhailiyah began operation.

The first meal in the new dining hall was served at noon; the family issue store was being stocked in readiness for its first customer; the theater equipment was installed, and the first movie was shown Sunday night; the clinic, the only building involved in the move, was in place, awaiting only the arrival of a nurse from Abqaiq; and by nightfall, tired ‘Udhailiyah residents were ready to test the beds in the new quarters.

A fully equipped townsite, ‘Udhailiyah initially has ten Senior Staff family row-houses and two bachelor units with four rooms each, in addition to the regular five-room bachelor housing.

Facilities include consolidated shops, garage, administration building, school, intermediate and general dining hall, industrial training center, and radio tower.

One of the outstanding features of ‘Udhailiyah will be the integration of services wherein all employees will utilize the family issue store facilities at specified hours.

A recreation center is now under construction. Some recreational facilities and snack bar will be in service during February, while completion of bowling alleys is scheduled for April.

A 3,500-foot airstrip is being graded; it will provide services for DC-3s, and smaller craft.

Begun in October, 1955, construction of the ‘Udhailiyah townsite was just completed. The location is to serve as a permanent operating camp for Ain Dar GOSP No. 4 and ‘Uthmaniyah GOSPs Nos. 1, 2, and 3.

The first family to set up housekeeping in their new home in ‘Udhailiyah was Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jones, who made the move on Monday.

Permanent Operations Begin at ‘Udhailiyah Townsite - 1957


— The Arabian Sun: February 06, 2023