My Exciting Trip to TEDx Talks
The author, Sarah Shafiq, Grade 8.
My Exciting Trip to TEDx Talks
The author's brother, Zaid.

The following report was written by Sarah Shafiq, granddaughter of retired Saudi Aramco employee, Dr. Mohammed Ifteqaruddin (badge #140948, Technical Advisor- RTR).

One day, my dad surprised us by suggesting a family outing to a TEDx event at Osmania University, where my mom had studied. I was overjoyed because I had always found TEDx talks on YouTube fascinating. Unlike boring speeches, these talks were engaging, peppered with jokes, and aimed to keep the audience entertained. On a bright Saturday morning at 8:30 am, we eagerly headed to the event, ready for an adventure.

Upon reaching the venue, we proudly showed our purchased tickets and we were handed special TEDx-designed wristbands by a friendly lady at the stall. Stepping into the auditorium, I was awestruck by what I saw. It matched the image I had in my mind—a dark room with a large stage adorned with the words "TEDx." It felt like entering a magnificent theater. We chose our seats and eagerly awaited the beginning of the show.

The event commenced with a remarkable woman taking the stage. She shared her personal story of overcoming diabetes while pursuing her dream of becoming a beauty pageant queen. Her tale of strength and determination left a profound impact on me and reminded me that obstacles can be overcome with resilience.

My Exciting Trip to TEDx Talks

Adding to the magic of the event, a talented magician appeared on stage, performing mind-blowing tricks that left me utterly amazed. His skills and engaging stage presence held the entire audience spellbound, proving that wonder and awe can be found in the simplest of moments.

Next, a wise man captivated our attention as he spoke about the importance of meditation and yoga. He explained how these practices can enhance our overall well-being and help us navigate the challenges of daily life. His words resonated with me, serving as a gentle reminder to prioritize self-care and find inner peace.

After the enlightening talks, it was time for lunch. The meal was satisfying, featuring paneer, Romali Roti (A type of bread), and rice. However, the highlight was the dessert! They served delicious ice cream and mouth-watering Gulab Jamuna (sweet). It brought me immense joy and made the dining experience truly delightful.

As the lunch break concluded, it was time to return to the auditorium. However, my dad suggested leaving early, ready to head back home. I was disappointed because I had learned that goody bags would be distributed at the end of the event. I was eager to receive one, hoping to bring home a memento from this special day. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side, and I left without a goody bag. Nevertheless, I cherished the memories created and the knowledge gained.

Attending the TEDx event at Osmania University was an unforgettable experience. It fulfilled my expectations and ignited my passion for learning. From the inspiring speakers to the mesmerizing magician, each moment was filled with wonder and inspiration. Despite missing out on the goody bag, the joyous memories and newfound knowledge I acquired will forever stay with me. TEDx talks proved to be more than just entertaining shows—they are platforms that inspire individuals to dream, learn, and make a positive impact in the world.