A top Toastmaster, a tough AEA election, the Aramcorama Golf Classic, and more in this week’s look back.

Memory Lane: AEA Elections and Celebrating the DWG

A top Toastmaster, a tough AEA election, the Aramcorama Golf Classic, and more are highlighted in this week’s walk down Memory Lane.

Jan. 20, 1946

Despite ramifications, the third Aramco Employee Association (AEA) election has been finally run to the satisfaction of all concerned. At the general meeting Saturday evening, Jan. 19, the installation of new officers took place: Those elected are:

  • Lloyd Moore, President -- 168; Jack Vredenburgh, Treasurer -- 82; Barbara St. John, Secretary -- 118.
  • Directors for 1 year -- Jimmee Fullerton, 106; Walt Mason, 101; George Mandis, 98.
  • Directors for 6 months -- Bill Squires, 97; Tom Graham, 81.

The results on the other nominees have been published on the bulletin boards in the Dining Room and Theater.

The Committee assigned to tally the votes wish to state that 260 votes were cast -- 230 from Dhahran and 30 from Abqaiq.

Jan. 5, 1966

Employees are reminded that portions of India and Pakistan are still considered cholera-infected areas as declared last October. Travelers passing through these areas must present a certificate that they have spent the previous five days in a cholera-free area before being allowed to land at Dhahran or Bahrain.

Jan. 15, 1981

The first round of the Third Annual Aramcorama Golf Classic and Pro-Am Tournament was held at the Surfside Golf Club in Ras Tanura last Thursday. Leaders in the "pro" event were Paul Krueger 72, Bill McCarley 74, Bill Sibley 74, Musa'ad al-Yami 75, John Kester 75, Pete Balzola 75, and John Alexa 75.

The second round was played at ‘Udhailiyah’s Wadi al-Saeed Golf Club on Friday. The third round will be held at Dhahran Rolling Hills Country Club today, with the final and championship round of the golf classic to be held at Abqaiq's 'Ain Nakhl Golf Club on Friday, Jan. 16.

Jan. 24, 1996

Ronald Olivera of the Dhahran Toastmasters became the first Toastmaster in the Gulf Region to win three speaking awards in three consecutive years when he won first place in the group's Humorous Speech Contest. The contest was held during the Sixth Annual conference of Gulf Region, Toastmasters in Manama, Bahrain.

Olivera’s speech was titled "Monkeys in the Civilized World." He also won first place in the 1993 Humorous Speech contest, and first place in the 1994 International Quality Speech Contest. Olivera works in the Laboratory Research and Development Center.

Jan. 19, 2011

Aramcons are celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Dhahran Women's Group, which began in 1946 as the Dhahran Women's Club when there were only 118 families in Dhahran. The DWG, one of the longest-running self-directed groups in the company, played a critical role in sustaining the growth and life of the community over the decades.

Through the years, the DWG's major contributions included welcoming new wives and single women; being the catalyst for other groups such as the Women's Exchange and the Garden Group, responding to international disaster relief requests; and promoting a peaceful and cohesive community through inter-cultural awareness activities.

— The Arabian Sun: January 17, 2021