Master Hamza Ahmed Khan Ghouri 1st Happy Birthday
A Beautiful Family picture of Hamza, Bushra and Kamran.

Time flies, right? Can you believe this baby just turned one?

Master Hamza Ahmed Khan Ghouri, son of Bushra Irshad and Kamran Ahmed Khan Ghouri turned one, on 24th October 2023. His first birthday was celebrated on 28th October because of the weekend.

Hamza is a joyful and happy kid and has learned to walk recently and is getting faster day by day.

The theme of the part was Boss Baby .All balloons were put up in each corner to set the mood. There was a table along one side of the wall, where the cake cutting ceremony was held. There were multiple decorations and foil balloons put up.  A blue and silver colored “Happy Birthday” banner was attached with lots of other wall decorations making it look very pretty. Blue and White chairs were placed in the living room according to the Boss Baby theme. The guests were told to either wear Black or Blue.

Master Hamza was looking handsome and snazzy in a suit with a bowtie. He was in a very happy mood and enjoyed a lot. The cake was also White and black with Boss Baby themed ornaments made of fondant placed on top of the cake. The cake was a gift to Hamza from his favorite cousins Zoya and Zara.

Dinner was served after cake cutting, there was Biryani, Karahi, Naan, Kheer, Salad, Raita and Chocolate Fudge Cake

Everybody enjoyed the event, Alhamdulillah and everything went well. Master Hamza received many gifts and prayers from everyone.

Happy Birthday Hamza!!!

Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) wish Master Hamza a very Happy Birthday wish and pray for the bright future for him, Ameen.

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