By Mohammed Albadran and Khalid Alonayni

Campaign reaches close to 1,000 drivers in the Tanajib and Safaniyah areas.

Marjan Increment Projects Department Hosts Integrated Traffic Safety Campaign
Participants, organizers, and members of management pose at the recent three-day campaign for Traffic Safety in the Tanajib and Safaniyah areas.

The Marjan Increment Projects Department (MIPD) recently hosted the Integrated Traffic Safety Campaign at the MIPD Advanced Safety Training Center, Tanajib. The three-day campaign was in response to the increasing number of vehicles on project sites and roads.

Its goal was to raise vehicle driver awareness of safety requirements and practices, and foster a culture of responsible road use. It offered multiple practical experience zones, multi-language presentations, and exhibition booths to support safety awareness.

The campaign was attended by nearly 1,000 contractors and Aramco employees, including members of management, in the Tanajib and Safaniyah areas.

The participating departments demonstrated many different driving scenarios and behaviors via driving simulators, including a special training exercise to enhance driving techniques.

Vehicle monitoring systems — to enhance driver safety and monitor vehicle performance — were also on display, and best practices such as the introduction of speed radar, vehicle tracking, live weather monitoring, and traffic patrollers were shared.

— The Arabian Sun: March 27, 2024