Following the relaunch of Aramco ExPats, you might have noticed a new feature on our homepage. The Speakers Bureau is an educational resource that will allow Aramcons to share information about the rich history, culture, and industry of Saudi Arabia with their communities at home. There are many assumptions and prejudices in the West about the Middle East. Even terms like “the West” and “the Middle East” reinforce preconceptions about the differences between these regions of the world. As individuals that have lived in Saudi Arabia, ExPats and Brats have a unique perspective and understanding of life in the Arabian Peninsula that their peers have not encountered. The goal of the Saudi Speakers Bureau is:

  1. To create a range of effective means to collect and share those stories; and
  2. To lead and support a broad-based, multi-media effort to tell those stories to groups, schools and organizations everywhere.

With the Speakers Bureau, our community will have access to fully-prepared presentations that will enable them to speak to groups in their own cities and towns. Intended audiences include high school classes, fellowship and service organizations such as Lions Club International and Knights of Columbus, church congregations, and other local community groups that are interested in learning more about Saudi Arabia. Speakers Bureau is a work in progress; several presentations will be added and updated for this section over time. Featured topics include the History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Geography of Saudi Arabia, the Role of Women in Saudi Arabia Today, Saudi Industry, Saudi Aramco, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, and Saudi Arabia A-Z.