Artist Biography:

Christine Olga Smith grew up in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Her work as an artist and designer has brought her to an understanding that the process of discovering, exploring the magnificence of nature, the unique identity of humanity's many cultures, the beauty of art and civilization through superb design can help enlighten the whole world...and then around again. She hopes to have the opportunity to simultaneously share this knowledge and learn in return.

The following paragraph is a short summary of my public art project, Healing Illustrations supported by Methodist Hospital through their Healing Arts program. Healing Illustrations Series is a visual arts project for social benefit.

The subject is the psychological and spiritual improvement of humanity through art and visual communication. The concept is to have a fresh approach to the ordinary art that decorates hospitals. The images depict imaginary scenes, and "daring" ideas with unusual color combinations, but refer to eternal concepts, peace and the human race as one entity.

Healing Illustrations Series by Christine Olga Smith

This series of illustrations depict women, children, and families mainly in the Middle East, but also the Mediterranean.

The illustrations are centered around women who are recovering from illness and are meant to console and empathize through imagery of traditional scenarios and subjects. These works are intended to be a series of hand-printed silkscreen posters, each piece being 1m x 80cm, and to be placed in clinics or hospitals.

Through International Orthodox Christian Charities ( part of the sales of final works will go to the refugee crisis and relief in Greece, Syria and Lebanon.

Hymn for Healing Illustrations, a Public Art Project by Christine Olga Smith

1 of 8 posters from "Healing Illustrations", 42 x 29 cm, tools: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, 2021

Here is a mother or sister playing the Middle Eastern guitar, called Oud, which is similar to the Greek Bouzouki and sheep and goats, or a flock in the desert look on under the starry night sky. The animals are taken from life-drawings in our village in Northern Greece. This poster may be purchased; proceeds go towards my public art project, Healing Illustrations.

Donation: $20 via paypal:

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All proceeds from sales of my Angel backpack, iPad & iPhone cases through my online shop on Society 6 also go towards the Healing Illustrations Series project.

Angels backpack

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