By Michael Ives

Aramco’s Nabeel A. Al-Jama’ says building new capabilities for our people is the top talent issue.

Human Capability Initiative: Building Capabilities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Nabeel A. Al-Jama’ highlights the importance of robust training strategies, especially in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Al-Jama’ was speaking at the Human Capability Initiative in Riyadh.

“Artificial intelligence is more likely to augment employees than to replace them,” Nabeel A. Al-Jama’, executive vice president of Human Resources & Corporate Services, told the Human Capability Initiative (HCI) in Riyadh recently. “Building new capabilities for our people is the top talent issue.”

The HCI is a global platform designed to unify international efforts and enrich the global dialogue on the challenges and opportunities for developing human capabilities. It is one of the “Vision Realization Programs” that is translating the Saudi Government’s Vision 2030 into action, preparing citizens with the required skills, values, and knowledge to compete globally.

Al-Jama’ highlighted the importance of robust training strategies to strong, sustained, balanced growth. This is important in the disruptive age of artificial intelligence (AI), digitalization, and other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, he said. He explained how the theory that AI will displace most jobs is not supported by current evidence, and how AI brings different strengths to the table.

Uncertain, Unsettled, and Difficult-to-predict

Al-Jama’ stressed that it is essential to prepare young men and women for careers where the scale, scope, and pace of change will exceed anything our generation has witnessed: “That is one of the key challenges of training and education,” he said. “Preparing today for what will be an uncertain, unsettled, and difficult-to-predict tomorrow.”

Al-Jama’ observed that we must invest in human capability as a whole, equipping today’s youth with the skills and confidence to tackle any challenge or opportunity head-on — even if we don’t yet know the exact nature of these challenges.

“Aramco is committed to playing its part in powering a new era of growth in Saudi Arabia. We are working with our partners to develop skills, transfer knowledge, and target training across the Kingdom, to build a globally competitive workforce.”

Nabeel A. Al-Jama’

Al-Jama’ noted that some of Aramco’s talent development efforts begin before a person is employed with the company, including scholarship programs that partner top-tier universities, and Aramco’s sponsorship of the “F1 in Schools” initiative, which promotes the study of STEM subjects in schools.

— The Arabian Sun: March 06, 2024