Reilly Financial Advisors (RFA) is Now Creative Planning International
Big Changes at Reilly Financial Advisors

While it’s extremely important to plan for your retirement, what happens when you decide it’s finally time to enter that phase of your life? At Creative Planning, we’ve worked with hundreds of Aramcons, helping them to retire and working with them throughout retirement so that they can achieve the goals they’ve worked so hard for. Here are four key ways in which we can be of service:

  • A financial plan isn’t only important for retirement planning; it’s also a tool we use throughout our clients’ retirement years. A plan can answer questions such as whether you’re still on track, if you can afford a new home or whether you should change your investment strategy. Each plan always focuses on our clients’ goals, and our custom recommendations help you stay on track beyond the year in which you retire.
  • Financial planning isn’t the only important consideration in retirement — another is tax planning. This is especially true for Aramcons who have large pre-tax balances due to the savings they’ve accumulated in the Savings Plan and RIP. A Roth conversion is the process of converting funds from a 401(k) or IRA to a Roth IRA, which holds after-tax dollars. You’ll pay taxes on the converted amount in the year the conversion takes place, and, in the future, withdrawals from the Roth IRA (including the growth) will be tax-exempt (as long as you’re 59 ½ or older and meet the five year rule). This can be an important tool to help lower required minimum distributions (RMDs), which start at age 72. The goal here is to even out your taxes throughout retirement. While it may seem ideal to take a break from taxes from retirement to age 72, you could easily jump a few tax brackets once those RMDs begin. Converting funds to a Roth IRA can save you thousands in future tax dollars and benefit future generations.
  • Because we’ve discussed taxes, it’s time to mention the other sure thing in life — death. We work with our clients to create appropriate estate planning documents, enact strategies to minimize estate taxes and help their families through the process of receiving an inheritance. In fact, we work with many clients to let their families know how inheritances will work before a death occurs. Whether you’re planning to leave funds to your loved ones and friends or engage in charitable giving, working with Creative Planning can help ensure your legacy is what you wish.
  • If you retire to the U.S., insurance can become a risk to the assets you’ve worked for. It’s important to know that you have adequate coverage —and to obtain additional liability coverage, should you need it. We can help you protect your assets from sources of risk. In addition, we guide our clients on their needs for long-term care, disability and Medicare needs.

At Creative Planning, our comprehensive services encompass your entire financial life. If you haven’t reached out to us yet, don’t wait! Email to schedule your first meeting.

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