Here Come the Returning Students

Batten down the hatches!

It was always a happy yet tense time for Aramco when the high school and college dependents returned for Christmas and summer vacations. The company worked hard to keep them entertained (Tri-D dances, dhow trips, etc.) and busy at all costs (“real” jobs in the Admin building in the summer) in an attempt to avoid any embarrassing incidents, which occurred nevertheless.

Growing up in Camp was a fantastic experience, but those Returning Student years were the best of all.

The photo is a Fokker aircraft that provided round-trip transportation for those of us who attended prep schools in Rome. The Dhahran camp is below. The trip was a 13-hour flight with fueling stops in Beirut and, sometimes, Athens. In my case, those flights were for Christmas and summer vacations from 1963 to 1967.