“All of these items are part of a much bigger story.”

Former Aramco Editor Donates Artifacts that Include Notes and Records About Historic Employees

Just as the company’s history continues to grow and change over the coming years, the Aramco Archive & Records Center will grow and change with it.

In that sense, the current Memorabilia Campaign is just the beginning of a process of creating and capturing the living memory of what is certainly one of the most important companies of our times.

Arthur P. Clark is a former editor of The Arabian Sun, former assistant editor of AramcoWorld, and former editor of Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah, the magazine for Aramco retirees.

He recently donated artifacts and archive materials to both Ithra and the Aramco Archive & Records Center. Among the items donated were notes and records about former Aramco employees, such as former CEO Tom Barger.

“All of these items are part of a much bigger story,” Clark said. “They tell the story of what the company was and what it’s become.”

Aramco Memorabilia Campaign FAQs

— The Arabian Sun: March 10, 2024