A new pipeline is well underway that will connect Abqaiq to Ras Tanura.

Field Welding - 1972

From the May 10, 1972 edition of Sun and Flare.

Construction of the new QRT-8 and QA-6 lines, Aramco’s second 40”/42” pipeline, has been underway since March. The total pipeline consists of two onshore sections, approximately 94 kilometers in length, and a Tarut Bay crossing 4 kilometers long. A welding crew at work on a section of the QRT-8 is pictured above.

Tamimi and Fouad are contractors for the onshore portion, and Arabian Petroleum Marine is undertaking the Tarut Bay crossing. An automatic welding process will be used on the QA-6 portion of the line, where 6 miles of circumferential welding is required to complete over 3,000 field welds.

When completed before year-end, the pipeline will have the capability of delivering over 600,000 barrels of oil daily from Abqaiq to Ras Tanura. Responsibility for construction is assigned to Aramco’s Construction Department. Noel C. King, Jr., and Heath Bradshaw are the construction engineers.

Field Welding - 1972


— The Arabian Sun: May 11, 2023