By Mashael Alsaleh

David Ulrich speaks on the importance of flexibility and value of developing a new generation of employees.

Father of Modern HR Inspires Aramco’s Future Leaders
David Ulrich at the Executive Speaker Series event, hosted by Aramco’s Management and Professional Development Department.

Aramco’s Management and Professional Development Department’s (M&PDD) Executive Speaker Series recently hosted management guru professor David Ulrich at Ithra.

Described as the “father of modern HR” and “HR thought leader of the decade,” Ulrich presented to a total of more than 850 employees over three separate sessions.

Ulrich is an author, speaker, and management coach. He focuses on strategic leadership and human resources (HR), and has been instrumental in shaping the way businesses align HR practices to customer needs and invest in leadership to increase shareholder value.

Recognizing today’s world of uncertainty, Ulrich stressed the importance of remaining flexible, and spoke to the value of developing a new generation of employees, and creating the best environment to enable productivity. Employee success, he said, is the result of successful leadership, and the effective management of talented people.

“How many of you had parents investing in you so you could be better? Their job was not to tell you what to do, but to enable you to do your work and to engage you to develop your skills. That is what leadership is.”

David Ulrich

Ulrich advised attendees to foster resilience in the face of difficult moments and learn from challenges, while taking care of mental and physical health.

M&PDD’s Executive Speaker Series provides Aramco’s future leaders with first-hand access to world-class thought leaders discussing important global issues. It aligns closely with the company’s commitment to employee development.

— The Arabian Sun: July 18, 2023