Engr. Mansoor H. Kureshy

Engr. Mansoor Hameed Kureshy NED69ers Electrical and Saudi Aramco Ex-Employee Badge No 73692 attended the Saudi Aramco Reunion 2015 @ Dhahran Saudi Arabia and after that came to visit his family in Karachi. The NED69ers group in Karachi arranged a dinner Party to greet him in the town. The party was arranged by Engr. Sharif Ur Rehman Malik and Omar Vowda on March 30, 2015 at Food Centre Clifton. As it was a short notice so eleven NED69ers and two special guests were there in the party. The attendees were as follows:

  • Engr. Mansoor Hameed Kureshy - Electrical-Chief Guest from Canada
  • Engr. Omar Vowda - Mechanical
  • Engr. Sharifur Rehman Malik - Electrical
  • Engr. Aftab Ahmad Alavi - Mechanical-Canada
  • Engr. Abul Hasan Jafri - Electrical
  • Engr. Abdur Rahim - Mechanical
  • Engr. Wizarat Ali Khan - Mechanical
  • Engr. Rehmatullah Ganaai - Electrical
  • Engr. Muhammad Hamid - Mechanical
  • Engr. Tariq Said Bukhari - Electrical
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan - Mechanical
  • Shahid Mirza - Common School Days Friend of IAK and AAA
  • Haris Naeem - Newphew of Engr. Mansoor H. Kureshy

It was a wonderful gathering and all the old buddies exchanged sweet memories with each other. Mansoor shared his latest visit of the KSA Reunion 2015 of all Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees who came to Dhahran from all over the globe. He stated the changes he and all the employees noticed in Saudi Aramco Facilities as well as in all the major cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All the friends congratulated Mansoor as he along with his family performed Umra and visit the Two Holy Cities Makah and Medina. He explained that lot of construction work is in progress and the extension of the Holy Mosque in Makah is in progress. He further shared some details of the Reunion and the places where they went along with all the other participants. A total of six hundred plus ex-employees came from all over the globe came to attend the reunion. About fifteen plus employees also participated from Pakistan as well. Mansoor attended the reunion as a Canadian National. This time the food arrangements were in the hands of Engr. Omar Vowda and he arranged some very delicious dishes which were tasty and the entire participant enjoyed the food and the dessert was real nice. Few friends could not attend as they were out of city. Engr. Kersi Edulji was committed with the family function and Engr. Iqbal Hameed was on an official trip to Lahore. We departed with lots of memories we had and promise to each other to meet again soon. We all wished Mansoor to have a safe trip back home and to see him soon back in Karachi.

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