Eid Milan: Mini Reunion at Mirajuddin Khan’s Residence
L to R: Son of Mahboob Khan (standing), Mirajuddin Khan, Mahboob Khan, Qasim Siddiqui, Matin, Rehan Khan | Ladies, L to R: Daughter of Mahboob Khan, daughter of late Anwar Mirza ( wife of Qasim Siddiqui), Mrs. Matin, Mrs. Mahboob Khan, Mrs. Anwar Mirza, daughter of late Anwar Mirza (wife of Mirajuddin Khan) and daughter of Mirajuddin | Sitting: Son of Mirajuddin, son of Rehan, daughter of Mirajuddin, son of Rehan, grandson of Mahboob Khan and daughter of Anwar Mirza (Mrs. Rehan.)

Man is a social creature by nature. Therefore it is not uncommon for us to gather in groups to celebrate the special occasions in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even need a reason; just a desire to meet with our friends and relatives to share our feelings, happenings and old memories, or partake in family discussions.

So, the newly retired Mirajuddin Khan organized an EID get-together. It was a wonderful party full of joy and delicious food shared at his residence on May 21, 2022 in Karachi. In addition to two visiting families from abroad, families of ex-employees also attended and enjoyed the gathering.

Two ex-Aramcon Families and members of SAEEA are in Karachi on a visit; Mr. Mahboob Khan from the USA and Mr. Qaseem from Saudi Arabia. Ex-employee Mirajuddin Khan managed to arrange a mini get-together to revisit their sweet, old memories of Saudi Aramco at his residence. The following attended:

  1. Mohammad Abdul Matin, Coordinator, Saudi Aramco ex-Employees Association-(SAEEA).
  2. Wife of the late Anwar Mirza; ex-Employee and who was very active and a big supporter of SAEEA.
  3. Mirajuddin Khan, ex-Employee and SAEEA member.
  4. Qaseem Siddiqui, ex-Employee and SAEEA member. On a visit to Pakistan.
  5. Mahboob Khan, ex-Employee and SAEEA Member. On a visit to Pakistan.
  6. Nagina Mirza, daughter of the late Anwar Mirza.

The above six families met after a long time apart and shared old memories of their time working for Saudi Aramco. Also, all of the attendees refreshed their memories regarding other Saudi Aramcons living abroad. Great fun was had at Saudi Aramco beaches, Dhahran, Ras Tanura, Qurraiyah and other places. All attendees enjoyed a variety of delicious food prepared by Mirajuddins’.

Thanks, Miraj, for arranging the great gathering at your residence.