Dhahran Girl Scouts, circa 1960

Dhahran Girl Scouts from late 1950s Photo submitted by Sheri (MH Wahba) Anderson
Front Row: Fatin Basrawi, Cathy Osha, Antoinette Lafrenz, Sheri Wahba
Middle Row: Mrs. Lafrenz, May Dequine, Janet Kemp, Claudia Gyorek, Twig Held [?], Ann Leslie Burba, Cindy Kriesmer, Widad [?], Mrs. Yaeger
Back Row: Gail Schenewark, Julie Yaeger, Maureen McQuade [?], Linda Vormwald, Mary Barger, Ilona Haydon, Jane Hawkey, Becky Andrews

Sheri (MH Wahba) Anderson sent us this wonderful photo of her Dhahran Girl Scout troop, taken in the late 50s or early 60s. Sheri is seated in the front row on the right. “My hair had been bleached from swimming in our pool while it was filling up with chlorine,” she says. She also remembers that the troop had recently had a sleepover on the beach of Half Moon Bay.

Sheri currently resides in Bali. She would love to reconnect with these girls that she knew during what she describes as “the best time of her life.”

If you recognize any of the girls in this photo, please identify them by Row (Front, Middle or Back) and Number in Row from the left. Below are two zoomed-in versions of the troop photo for aided identification. Email us at info@aramcoexpats.com if you can help us figure out who’s who or if you would like to get in touch with Sheri.

Dhahran Girl Scouts - Right Dhahran Girl Scouts - Right
Dhahran Girl Scouts - Right Dhahran Girl Scouts - Right

Special thanks to those who have been able to help us out:

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