The 38 men working on Rig ADC-9 completed the year without a single disabling injury, and then they just kept being safe.

Award-Winning Rig Crew Sustains Safe Workover Record - 1988
Arabian Drilling company General Manager Bill Stibbs, left, presents ADC-9's safety award and extends congratulations to the rig's crew and to Drilling and Workover Operations Superintendent Frank Corts, right.

From the Dec. 21, 1988, edition of The Arabian Sun

Operating a workover rig is a dangerous business but one that is essential to maintaining the productivity of working wells. It is a hazardous job that demands continuous well-control practices and proper maintenance of safety equipment.

The rig crew must constantly be on the alert to avoid the potential escape of hydrogen sulfide -- a poisonous gas associated with crude production.

Despite these hazards, the 38 men who work on Rig ADC-9 have earned an award for operating their rig for a complete year — July 1987 to July 1988 — without a single disabling injury.

Inf act, their string of safe days is continuing uninterrupted. As of Dec. 19 (1988), ADC-9\s crew had racked up a remarkable 509 "safe" days involving 162,324 man-hours of work performed on 56 wells.

Rig ADC-9 is one of three contractor workover rigs supervised by Drilling and Workover Operations. It services both oil and water wells.

Award-Winning Rig Crew Sustains Safe Workover Record - 1988


— The Arabian Sun: December 21, 2022