By Daniel J. Bird

Aramcons have shared their inspiring volunteering stories and encouraged others to help people in need.

Aramco Volunteers Share Inspiring Stories: It Can Bring Purpose to Your Life
Aramco volunteers help clean up a neighborhood.

To mark International Volunteer Day (today, Dec. 5), four members of the Industrial Training Department (ITD) volunteer program have spoken about their experiences, which include working at a food bank, helping children with disabilities, and supporting the “Blood Donation Campaign.”

They hope that their messages will now inspire other Aramcons to donate their time to good causes.

Aramco Volunteers Share Inspiring Stories: It Can Bring Purpose to Your Life
Abdulaziz A. Hameedaldeen

Volunteering is a ‘Great Honor’

Abdulaziz A. Hameedaldeen, Shaybah NGL recovery plant operator, has carried out two volunteering roles, working with autistic school children in Jiddah and being part of a coastal clean-up activity.

He said that being a volunteer was a “great honor” and “it can bring the meaning and purpose to your life and create self-esteem and well-being to others.”

On why other Aramcons should take part in volunteering, Hameedaldeen said: “They need to be connected with the community. It doesn’t even need to be something big; it can be a simple task, and it will reflect well on them as a person. It helps relieve depression and creates happiness. 

“It also enables meeting new people and creating new relationships. I felt so proud helping children in Jiddah, so I really recommend it to other Aramcons.”

Aramco Volunteers Share Inspiring Stories: It Can Bring Purpose to Your Life
Mariam H. Altuwalib

‘I’m a Person That Has A Passion to Help Others’

Mariam H. Altuwailib, admin clerk, has donated her time to many different volunteering events while at Aramco and helped pack and process food parcels for families in need during Ramadan last year.

“I’m really into volunteering, it makes me feel like I’m achieving something in my community,” she said. 

“I’m a person that has a passion to help others. I also make sure that I enjoy the time I spend volunteering. I liked the unpredictable time I had last year at Eta'am preparing food boxes for families through Ramadan. I learned about the process, delivering the boxes, and increased my knowledge too.”

Altuwailib urged other people to volunteer, saying that it not only benefits society but helps with personal growth too.

“They (Aramcons) have to take all of the opportunities available to them and volunteering will benefit them a lot — both their personal and work skills. Taking part in these activities will also spread awareness to others, including their friends and colleagues.”

Aramco Volunteers Share Inspiring Stories: It Can Bring Purpose to Your Life
Aboud Y. Alamoudi

‘It Only Takes Your Time and Your Sweat’

Aboud Y. Alamoudi, trainee welder, started his volunteering work with Aramco by taking part in the annual marathon “Walk the Walk Together,” where he helped children with disabilities.

He followed this by working on the “Blood Donation Campaign” and with Saudi Food Bank Eta'am, where he helped with family food packages. Alamoudi, who is a keen photographer, also volunteered by taking pictures of trees being planted at an Aramco training center.

Asked why other people should get involved in volunteering, he said: “I think if you have the opportunity to volunteer at any event, you should do it and prove to the people around you that you can do something for others that need help. It’s easy, it’s not that difficult.

“It’s important to do something for the community. It only takes your time and your sweat.”

Aramco Volunteers Share Inspiring Stories: It Can Bring Purpose to Your Life
Fahad N. Alkuwaiti

‘The More You Give, The More You Get’

Fahad N. Alkuwaiti, apprentice maintenance electrician, has volunteered on four occasions while at Aramco — as an Ithra volunteer, at the Saudi Food Bank Eta'am, “Walk the Walk Together” event, and supporting the “Blood Donation Campaign.”

When asked what he had learned from these experiences, Alkuwaiti said: “I believe in karma. The more you give, the more you get. You volunteer to make people happy, to help people, and this is worth much more than money to me.

“I don’t have a $1 million to donate, but I do have my time to donate.”

— The Arabian Sun: December 05, 2022