Mohammed A. Abufour's dedication to nondestructive testing excellence was first recognized by the Saudi Arabian Section of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Aramco Technician Gets Top Honor - 2006
Mohammed A. Abufour won an international award for his testing activities.

From the July 12, 2006 edition of The Arabian Sun.

The gap between oil demand and supply is so tight that a disruption in supply could send global economies reeling. Under these circumstances, it is critical that industry piping, plants, and refineries stay in top operating condition.

Mohammed A. Abufour, a senior technician in the engineering and Operations Inspection Department, will receive international recognition for his efforts to maintain the reliability of Aramco's production and delivery infrastructure.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) has chosen Abufour to receive the 2006 Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year Award. The Saudi Arabian section of the ASNT has been very active in promoting nondestructive testing, and submitted Abufour's name, along with qualifying details, to the world headquarters.

Abufour was selected from a worldwide pool of technicians put forward by their local sections for their accomplishments. He will be honored for a career devoted to excellence in NDT, which uses a combination of technologies and scientific methods to inspect and test equipment while maintaining the equipment's structural integrity.

“This is more than a job for me. I'm almost always here. Not just checking my email, but researching new equipment and techniques to solve problems.”

Mohammed A. Abufour

Abufour will be recognized during the Annual Awards Banquet of the ASNT Fall Conference and Quality Testing Show in Houston to be held in October.

Aramco Technician Gets Top Honor - 2006


— The Arabian Sun: July 12, 2023